Whilst distinctively seperate from Lindfield East Public School (LEPS), Lindfield East BASC stands united in the belief that "every child must succeed in an educational worth having.  An education that not only caters for the academic but also the social, emotional, and physical needs of each individual as a means to prepare them for success in learning and in life."  Just because school is out, doesn’t mean children stop learning which is why Lindfield East BASC is more than a child minding stop-gap.  By affording children the ability to participate in a wide variety of leisure based activities we aim to extending your child’s learning to see them develop as children who welcome a challenge and are content with achieving at their best.

At Lindfield East BASC we believe if children feel safe, they can take risks, ask questions, learn from their mistakes, share their thoughts and grow.  This belief sees the centre support children to become active participants in the learning process by affording them opportunities to express their opinions and have their voices heard as they direct their own play.  As children’s agencyis supported and as they immerse themselves in playthey are engaged to simply enjoy being.


We believe that each child’s learning is intrinsically linked to their ability to understand and define their personhood and within a multicultural society.  In this way the centre acknowledges the importance of coming together in peace to learn and discover different worlds and ways of being. Children’s learning is advanced when diversity and community cultures are incorporated and embedded within the programs at the centre.  This provides a place for children to belongas they  socialise and learn about themselves and the world they shared. 


In addition to recognising the many cultures that make up the fabric of multicultural Australia, the service also recognises the significance of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures with regards to our nation’s history; past, present, and future.  We also acknowledge the need to take a proactive role in addressing both past and present injustices, to ensure our Indigenous 

brothers and sister are able to share the in the opportunities and prosperity we all enjoy.


At Lindfield East BASC we acknowledge that parents/guardians and families hold the primary responsibility for their children’s complete development.  However each child’s learning can be strengthened and enhanced when they operate in conjunction with respectful and collaborative partnerships with trusted educators.  When families and educators work closely it fosters open communication, mutual respect, and a sense of belonging for all. Additionally, it promotes children’s learning and development as they becomethe very best versions of themselves. 


All team members understand the significant role they play in the lives of all children who pass through the centre.  They understand that much of the learning that takes place in the school aged care setting is built on social interactions and therefore wholeheartedly commit themselves to the task of developing close, respectful and responsive relationships with children and their families.  When families and educators work closely it fosters open communication, mutual respect, and a sense of belonging for all.  In addition to this, educators commit to supporting each other in their journey towards developing their understanding of the “My Time, Our Place” framework and in promoting a leisure-centric environment where children are supported to learn through paly.   


At Lindfield East BASC we provide an environment that is safe, welcoming and homely.  Our spaces are vibrant and flexible thus always the centre to response to the welfare of each child and to promote social interactions through play based learning.  Additionally our spaces promote the development of life skills and aim to cater for the needs and interests of children that span a broad range of ages.


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