Just because school is out, doesn’t mean children stop learning. Affording children the ability to participate in a wide variety of leisure based activities allows our centre to achieve its goal of extending your child’s learning outside of the classroom setting.

To ensure their learning experience never goes stale, we collaborate with children to update our program on a weekly basis. This ensures children have opportunities to participate in a broad range of engaging activities that include outdoor play, sports and games, cooking experiences, and regular incursions, all of which are built into the cost. Additionally child have access to many vibrant and exciting play spaces where they can enjoy our extensive selection of toys, art & crafts, dress-ups, board games and puzzles. There are always opportunities to connect with friends, whilst being cared for by our team of dedicated and friendly team of Program Assistants, meaning children never get bored!


In addition to collaborating with children to develop our programs, we are guided by the Framework for School Aged Care, which allow all of children to achieve the following “My Time Our Place” outcomes:

  1. Children have a strong sense of identity,

  2. Children are connected with and contribute to their world,

  3. Children have a strong sense of wellbeing,

  4. Children are confident and involved learners,

  5. Children are effective communicators.

Families can track their child's learning & development via accessing the centre's Learning Portal.

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Before School Care Routine

The centre opens at 7.15am each morning. Upon arrival children are signed into the centre by a parent/guardian. Children are always provided with  an opportunity to enjoy breakfast, which consists of cereals, toast, and a daily special (served until 8.25am). Afterwards children are free to participate in a wide variety of programmed activities that may include an art & craft activity, cooking experience, or science experiment. Alternatively children may wish to engage in some free play, making use of the centre extensive range of toys and leisure-based equipment. After 8am children are free to make their way outside where they can join in one of the programmed activities like touch footie or basketball. They are also given the freedom to create their own fun by making use of some of the centre's sports and outdoor equipment. 

At 8.30am all activities are packed away and children assemble for a roll call. Children are released into the playground at 8.45am where they are supervised by the teaching staff at Lindfield East Public School until the school bell rings at 9.15am.


After School Care Routine

The centre opens at 3.15pm when the school day ends. As children arrive they have their name marked off, visit the bathroom and then head outside where they enjoy a picnic styled afternoon tea. Designed to be a snack that ties children over until dinner, afternoon tea always consists of fresh cut fruit platters and a daily special. At 3.30pm a member of the BASC team and two children lead a quick meeting to outline the activities planned for the day. At the conclusions of this meeting children in Kindy-Year 2 enjoy a range of structured outdoor activities, whilst children in Year 3-Year 6 make their way inside where they have the opportunity to complete homework, participate in a cooking experience, engage in some arts & craft or simply connect with friends as they enjoy some free play. At 4.15pm the two groups swap, with children in Kindy-Year 2 making their way inside, whilst children in Year 3-Year 6 enjoy some time outside. At 4.45pm children are free to move between the indoor and outdoor spaces as they direct their own play and fun. At 5.15pm all children return to the centre, were the activities are packed away and children assemble on the mat before being served a late snack. As the day draws to a close, children enjoy participating in some quiet games as they wait for their parents/guardians to collect them. Children are required to be collect before the centre closes at 6.15pm.   

In the unlikely event parents/guardians are delayed and unable to collect their child/ren by 6.15pm they are required to phone the centre.


0456 877 767


90 Tryon Road, LINDFIELD EAST, NSW, 2070